harshali paralikar

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I build digital product experiences for a living.

In the roles of researcher, designer, and product manager, I see myself as a sense-maker – drawing from multiple perspectives and being a liaison in bringing clarity.

When I create, I break complex tasks into smaller steps, gauging what the human mind might require to make decisions, be creative, resolve conflicts, listen actively, and respond thoughtfully.

But that’s when I’m at my day job. 

Here, I am me.

Here, I document how I channel my energy. Write about inquiries I pursue, the things I create. Come to think of it, this is where I document how I experience time. Comes in handy when landing new work. Although, I’m pretty sure I’d have made a website even if I wasn’t working in the tech industry.

I’m okay with the rough edges of this site, it’s imperfections, training my eye to see the digital world as a human creation – full of errors, pushing the boundaries of constraints, a constantly evolving organism. A canvas of expression.

Thank you for reading this far. Think I’ve managed to set your expectations for what’s to come. A generally reflective person trying to keep it real on the internet. Write to me if anything.