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This is just plain raw creative satisfaction. Design could never

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How to gargle without gagging

How to gargle without gagging
Talk triumph without bragging
Remind politely without nagging
End unpleasantries without dragging

Must it always be a struggle
A search for the middle
Of the sweet and the sour
On stage a constant juggle

So tell me ye if ye know
How to inquire without prying
Face adversities without crying
Learn new things without shying
And live well without trying.



In empty moments I do often miss
your slight touch, a deep kiss
your knowing glance
a humming trance
rises from the ashes of
our flamboyant romance.

I try to push this poem away
from taking shape mind far astray
from the lonely bed, I lie in tonight
memories hid in plain sight.

It’s only been two days so far
the door I’ve still left ajar
I wish you’d walk in before I walk out
Love gets diluted if mixed with doubt.


The Aspirations of a Mind

In winding onward a narrow country road
Walled by thick foliage and green
The state transport bus leaves
All things strewed on its course
Twigs, flowers, and leaves,
Stirred and rustled.

Such a carrier of thought I want to be
In who’s passing,
I leave the people I touched
In their minds, in their paradigms,
Stirred and hustled.


From This Point Where I Stand

From this point where I stand
where the wind combs through
The now foot long saplings
The smell of rice hits the nose
And stirs the stomach
In a way that only reminds
Of Ma’s cooking, steaming hot
On a stainless steel plate
Of childhood Saturday afternoon.


I Once Chanced Upon Loneliness

I once chanced upon Loneliness
Rather it chanced upon me
And boy did it dance, at its rare chance
And in its chancing did I see,

That there were not two but three
Loneliness, the Mind, and me
For all this while, in the crowded aisle
In me the mind I did not see.

While Loneliness lingered around
The Mind became louder and loud
Until I decided to listen
To its banter, it began to quieten.

And after some hefty struggle
(the Breath she helped a lot)
I daresay now, just somehow
The trio is solely me.
If Loneliness left you, would you be lonely due to the lack of its company?


St. Mary’s Home For The Aged

Every day at nine
As I pass by
the St Mary’s Home For The Aged
(the benign)
I look into the eyes
of this one particular woman
Who sits there
Washed and dressed
Newspaper abreast
Without fail, every day at nine.

A lemon yellow dressing gown
Rests on her bones
Few salting grey hair
Twisted in a bun
The size of a button.
She must have once been
I think as I ride
A vision in a gown
A lemon yellow divine
A lady in her prime.

In the three seconds that I
Look at her
And she looks back
She tells me I think
Stories of days past
and of those to come
Every day, our eyes lock
In the three seconds
I race off.


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