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June 2021, Bangalore
Hello! I’m Harshali Paralikar.
I’m a product designer, and researcher currently based in Bangalore.

I work in the intersection of Behaviour Health, Technology, and Design.

My goal is to converge these three to form a creative practice that considers care and community in building future tech tools, and to start critical conversations and inquiries on the same.

Creative writing helps me decompress. I love going cycling or skating at Cubbon Park, and revising my botany every time I'm around plants. 

f*ckit lets do it list • in no particular order

2020 Become a community organizer/ facilitator
Started the Diversity and Inclusion Initiative at EverestEngineering 

2019 Steer my design practise towards mental health Mentalization-based Therapy (MBT) Psychoeducation Program for persons with Borderline Personality Disorder 

2020-22 Get first hand experience of the Tech industry and Software Dev proecss
Digital Product Design at EverestEngineering 

Establish a monetary fund in my design school in India to start a research and inquiry culture and encourage self-initated student projects 

Represent Design in the Indian Government

Leh to Manali cycling

Work at Moonshot Factory

Do something related to sound recording

Computational Psychology

2023 Steer my product design practise toward tech for mental health and wellbeing – become a fulltime digital well-being designer Cofounded a product in psychotherapy instrumentation

Get a Ph.D in Digital health for the Indian context or adjacent subjects
Become an author of a book not about Design

2022 Be a community organiser
Organized WTDA! A tech+art fair and community 

Write for a film

Teach, and not just workshop

Himalaya Basecamp trek

2020 Learn a musical instrument
Learnt the guitar during pandemic lockdowns! :)

Use my skills for climate change mitigation and adaptation

Work as a Digital Wellbeing designer at a Tech giant and help make mindful tech at a grand scale

Be a grassroot level humanitarian aid provider

2020 Run a show WithDesign show on Art With Intent

2021 Do something related to Women growth, agency, and empowerment
The Noor-Ahilya Project! edit: Unfortunately this project never really took of

2023 Play a sport consistently and get really good at it
Been at badminton all of 2023, 4-5 times a week 2 hours sesh of training + game!

Write a screenplay

2021-23 Get really good at cooking for myself and meal planning for a week - eat yummy waste less This was daunting but I made it! Big kudos to Aboli she taught me a lot of the basics and encouraged my experiments

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