Phygital Publications: Alt+YD

Prosumerism and Future of Transmedia

commissioned by the the NID, Ahmedabad and renewed for 2020
in collaboration with Ajitesh Lokhande

What is Alt+YD
Alt+YD is a closed loop Instagram to InDesign Zine and satirical/ alternative take on the yearly NID YD Young Designers (YD) Publication.

Alt+yd is a curation of graduate projects that explore alternative design practices and futures of India. The projects were selected from the graduate show 2019 of the National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad. NID is India’s premier design education, service, and research institution which was established in the 1961 based on Charles and Ray Eames’ India Report.

Why Alt+YD
Alt+yd is an evolving database of emerging interpretations of Design and document emergent Design Practices in India. Alt+yd also aims to be a source of inspiration for design students in showcasing alternative possibilities of design projects.

'Prosumers' is a term that was originally coined by Alvin Toffler in his 1980 book The Third Wave. The term is a portmanteau of the word “producer” and “consumer". Alvin envisaged a world where consumers would be able to alter the design of the product they want and therefore become an integrated part of the development process, shifting from “consumers” to “prosumers”. Today, we live in a world where we all are active prosumers of most media channels we consume. We consume data and thereby we create data. We consume, thereby we produce.

Production Note
Print publications are a one way communication medium. The printed pages speak to the reader. Alt+yd experiments with two way communication by incorporating the readers’ reactions into the published content. In this way, the alt+yd zine is designed to be a prosumerist* take on print publication. 

Our prosumerist process started with first creating an Instagram account for the content to be shared publicly. Hashtags were used to link content to a custom-developed application that captures the Instagram posts, likes and comments, and lays it out on a print spread. Lastly, a print ready PDF was generated.

made by Harshali Paralikar ©2020

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